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Coast Dental, SmileCare and Nevada Dental Associates Discounting Screening Exams during Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April

It’s no longer mostly smokers or tobacco-users developing oral cancer; it’s sexually-active adults under the age of 50. Early detection saves lives.

TAMPA, FL (April 1, 2013) – The best way to beat cancer is to find it early.  Coast Dental, SmileCare and Nevada Dental Associates are teaming up to mark Oral Cancer Awareness Month by offering a $10 discount on oral cancer screenings every day in April.

Every hour of every day, one American dies of oral cancer and four more Americans are newly diagnosed, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation.  An estimated 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed just this year alone. Unfortunately, the majority of oral cancers are discovered in the later stages when they are visible to the naked eye, and the death rate is 43% within five years of diagnosis.

When found early, patients have an almost 90% survival rate.  The clinicians at Coast Dental, SmileCare and Nevada Dental Associates supplement a conventional oral examination with Identafi®, the world’s first multi-spectral imaging device designed to help a dentist detect oral cancer at its earliest and most curable stages.

Identafi uses varying colors of light to detect abnormalities that are not visible in a conventional exam.  The exam is quick, painless and non-invasive.  It’s strongly recommended that everyone receive an oral cancer exam.  The fastest-growing at-risk group is sexually-active adults under the age of 50.  Oral cancer has been linked to two strains of HPV, a sexually-transmitted disease.  Researchers in the Journal of Clinical Oncology predict HPV will lead to more cases of oral cancer than cervical cancer by 2020..  Other risk factors include tobacco and alcohol use, and about 7% of oral cancer patients have no known risk factors.

To make an appointment, please call 1-800-32-SMILE or visit, or  The $10 discount on Identafi is available to all patients without insurance or whose insurance plans to do not cover an oral cancer screening.  With the discount, the exam costs $49.99.*

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