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With Coast Dental’s exclusive SmilePlus program offered in Florida, Georgia and Texas, you can keep smiling even if you don’t have dental insurance. SmilePlus members enjoy up to 70% savings on dental and specialty services. Your eligible family members can enroll and save as well.  Savings begin immediately upon enrollment.

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Plan Benefits

SmilePlus offers greater savings and benefits than dental insurance with even greater flexibility.

  • save up to 70% on dentistry fees
  • no waiting period – benefits start immediately
  • no charge for office visits
  • no deductibles
  • no claim forms
  • no hidden charges
  • no exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • add family members at any time

Plan Fees

Save on Services

SmilePlus members save up to 70% on dental services provided at Coast Dental.

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SmilePlus members also enjoy savings on many specialty services. Ask us today how we may help you save on services.

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