SmilePlus Membership Program

SmilePlus Keeps You Smiling with Simplicity You Can Understand.

Is SmilePlus a dental insurance plan?

SMILEPLUS IS NOT A REGISTERED DENTAL INSURANCE PLAN. It is a savings Membership Program offered exclusively to Coast Dental & Orthodontics patients who want to save up to 70% on dental care.

How does SmilePlus Annual Membership Program work?

Patients pay an annual Membership subscription directly online or to the dentist office for preventive care and discounts off general and specialty dental services. The SmilePlus Membership Program eliminates the cost and hassle of an insurance middleman enabling patients to get the oral care they need at an affordable price. The annual membership fee for SmilePlus is non-refundable.

Am I billed for my dental services?

All patient charges for dental and specialty services will be provided to you in advance at each appointment. There are no hidden costs. The patient will pay the discounted fees at the appointment time for any dental services provided. There are no claim forms, pre-authorizations or plan limitations to worry about that often apply with traditional dental insurance.

Are specialty and orthodontic services available at all Coast Dental & Orthodontics locations?

Specialty and orthodontic services are available at any location that offers specialty and orthodontic services. You can find a participating general dentist, orthodontist or specialty provider office by visiting

How do I know which SmilePlus program is best for me?

We offer 3 SmilePlus Membership Programs with tiered savings included with each plan. Choose from SmilePlus Blue, Silver and Gold Membership Programs and enjoy the savings that will most benefit your dental care needs.

Where can I use my SmilePlus membership?

Your SmilePlus membership may be used exclusively at any Coast Dental & Orthodontics office located in Florida, Georgia and Texas. To find a convenient location near you, visit

Where can I view a complete list of savings?