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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 27

Oh, my gosh, you guys, we are back and this week we're picking up the conversation we started last week about new concepts in periodontal diagnostics.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 26

This week I'm so excited! We're going to be talking about some of the new concepts, in periodontal diagnostics and this is going to kick off an awesome conversation about some of the changes that we're starting to see from the American Academy of Periodontology.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 25

This episode is going to be unpacking new information that we are understanding about the interdependent relationship between perio and hypertension. In Hypertension editorial components, we, of course, knew for a long time that there have been links between inflammation, particularly gum disease and systemic diseases.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 24

So this week, we are following the information that we learned last week about the prevalence of diseases of the periodontium, and this week's Weird Facts is going to focus on the prophylaxis code distribution.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 23

This week, we're going to take a look at the current prevalence of diseases of the periodontium. And you guys, I'm going to try to not get passionate about it, but I can't promise that I'm not going to get passionate about this because this is a topic that is extremely near and dear to my heart.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 22

This week is the final week that we are discussing anatomy, and I'm so excited to pull all of these pieces together as this week we are going to be discussing the physiologic observation of the periodontium.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 21

We are still on the anatomy train and we are talking about bone and this is a very particularly important episode because I know when we start talking about bone, start talking about the morphology, as well as, of course, the composition of bone, that it is imperative for us as clinicians to understand this morphology.
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