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Interdental Brush vs Dental Floss

String dental floss has been the go-to method for cleaning between teeth for hundreds of years. Relatively recently, an alternative approach has emerged: interdental brushes. In this blog, we will explore the merits of interdental brushes compared to traditional dental floss. Starting with the assumption that you already have a […]

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Holiday Favorites Ranked

Arguably one of the best things about the holiday season is the cornucopia of delicious food to enjoy with friends and family. In good company, presented with a seemingly endless spread of homemade dishes, it can be easy to overindulge and find yourself more stuffed than the turkey! By that

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Treating Dental Injuries

It can happen in an instant.  Your child is running around on the playground, field or basketball court, and suddenly – wham! – he collides with another child and breaks a tooth – or worse. Dr. Jeffrey May, a Coast Dental dentist in Riverview, Florida, has treated all sorts of

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How to Care for Braces

Getting braces is a huge milestone.  Whether you have teeth that are overlapped or teeth that are spaced too far apart, teeth that erupted in the wrong place or teeth that just do not seem to fit together correctly, you know that when your braces come off, your smile will

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