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5 Tips for a Beautiful Holiday Smile

Along with the quickly approaching holiday season comes office parties, family photos, and maybe even kisses under the mistletoe. Want to make sure you're camera-ready this holiday season? Follow these 5 tips for a healthier, more confident smile!
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Fast Facts: Coding Edition - Radiographs

Today I would like to talk to you about a group of codes in general, not necessarily one or two. Let's talk about radiographs. So you're thinking, okay, this is pretty boring, but radiographs can get you into some trouble.
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Fast Facts: Perio Edition - Pumpkin, Patients, and Periodontitis! OH MY!

This week we are loving up on Thanksgiving once again, this time talking about my favorite dessert and that is of course pumpkin pie. Who doesn't love it when your waistband is so stretched out from that fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and yet you still find a little bit more room for a tiny little slice of pumpkin pie.
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Fast Facts: Perio Edition - Thankful for Turkey: What we know about Turkey & Periodontitis

This month, we're celebrating Turkey! Thanksgiving is upon us, and I'd be remiss to celebrate Turkey and not talk about what we understand about Turkey and periodontitis. Today's Fast Facts Perio Edition looks at some of the associations between the consumption of turkey or poultry and what that dietary pattern means for periodontitis.
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5 Tips for a Tooth-Healthy Halloween

Shhh! Can you keep a secret? Word around town is that dentists love candy too! In fact, they may or may not have a shareable size bag of Skittles in their bag at this very moment. But don’t worry, they also love healthy smiles!
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Fast Facts: Coding Edition - Laser Disinfection Using D4999

Is there a laser disinfection code? And at this moment in time and for 2023, it's not on the horizon either. For 2023, there is no code for laser disinfection. So we have to use what is available to us, which is a D4999, the miscellaneous in the periodontal category.
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Breast Cancer and Your Oral Health

During the month of October, Coast Dental shows our support for those affected by breast cancer. We raise awareness of the disease by wearing pink, participating in runs and walks, volunteering, and donating to breast cancer charities.
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