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The Anatomy of a Tooth

Despite their small size, your teeth are actually very complex and constantly changing as you age. In order to properly care for your teeth, it is essential to understand the anatomy of your teeth.
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How to Know You Have a Cavity

Discover what causes a cavity, how a dentist checks for cavities, and what you can do to prevent cavities. Plus, view pictures of a cavity in an 8-year-old’s tooth. The cavity was so severe, the tooth needed to be pulled.
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Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Discover the reasons why your dentist may recommend pulling a tooth, what to expect during and after the tooth extraction procedure.
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How Crowns Can Fix Severe Tooth Erosion

Teeth grinding and other factors can cause severe tooth erosion, which not only looks bad, but also makes chewing difficult. In the latest edition of our series, “Does Your Mouth Look Like This?” we show how severe tooth erosion can be repaired through crowns. Check out the before-and-after pictures.  
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Bone Grafting: What It Is & How It Helps

A great smile requires more than just healthy teeth. It also requires healthy gums and a healthy jaw bone. If you have a tooth or several teeth extracted, the jaw bone will begin to recede. That's a problem if you want to replace the missing tooth or teeth with a dental implant, a denture, or a partial. Bone grafting is a common procedure that reconstructs the bone. Here's a quick look at how it works.
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Coast Dental Hygienist Provides Smiles Far From Home

A television show inspired Tampa dental hygienist Johnathan Lawson to travel 10 hours to help a group of strangers in June. He was part of a team of volunteer dentists, hygienists, doctors and nurses who set up a makeshift clinic at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, TN, during the first weekend in June to help hundreds of patients who couldn't afford dental or medical care.
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Protecting Our Patients' Health

Dentists follow strict state and federal guidelines to ensure their patients' safety. The risk of your health being affected because you skip your dental appointments is far greater than the risk of cross-infection. The best advice is to talk to your dentist so you feel comfortable with receiving the treatment you need. In the meantime, here are some of the ways we protect our patients while providing quality dental care.
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