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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 5

This episode is just fascinating because we learn that there is a bacteria party in the mouth! What happens when one type of bacteria is not invited?
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 4

In this episode, we discuss green complex bacteria as established by Sokransky et al in their 1998 classification system. Of note, green associated complex bacteria are considered early colonizers.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 3

In this episode, we discuss the Socransky bacterial cluster classifications. In 1998, Socransky et al discovered ways in which we could better classify the bacteria associated with periodontal disease.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 2

The first iterations of us documenting the diagnosis of periodontitis comes from Orban in 1942, where we established two major forms of periodontitis.
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Fast Facts - Perio Edition Episode 1

An accurate diagnosis for periodontal disease is essential to our everyday hygiene therapy services. In this episode, we look at a broad definition of disease of the periodontium.
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The Impact of a Smile Makeover

People are viewed as more attractive, intelligent, happy, successful in their career, friendly, interesting, kind, wealthy and popular with the opposite sex with smiles that have been altered by cosmetic dentistry versus their original smiles. -A study by Beall Research & Training, Inc.
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An Introduction to Sports Injuries & Dentistry

Treatment, prevention and other issues affecting athletes' performance and well-being
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