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Face 2023 With a Confident Smile

Coast Dental wants you to finish the new year with a healthy, confident smile. There are several treatment options that can improve your smile, such as whitening, veneers, crowns, and dental implants – all depending on your specific dental needs.  Another great way to achieve an optimal smile is to straighten your teeth with CoastClear Aligners.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using CoastClear Aligners for a straighter, healthier smile.

Straight Teeth – More Than Cosmetic

Before we dive into the specifics of CoastClear Aligners, let’s talk about the importance of straight teeth.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

It’s difficult to floss between crowded or overlapping teeth and it’s easy for food particles to become wedged in between teeth with small gaps. Both crowded and spaced teeth lead to the buildup of plaque – the sticky film of bacteria and food debris that, if not removed properly, causes tooth decay and gum inflammation. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, decreasing your risk of developing cavities and gum disease.

Digestive Health

Digestion begins in your mouth. The root cause of many digestive issues is sometimes linked to an uneven bite. Misaligned teeth may not be able to chew food properly, leading to symptoms like acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach aches. An even bite is an important step in healthy digestion.

TMJ Health

Over time, a misaligned bite can cause strain on your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Your left and right TMJs connect your lower jaw to your skull and help with functions like opening your mouth, chewing, and swallowing. Excess strain on your jaws can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and symptoms such as headaches, muscle spasms, pain, difficulty chewing, and locking of the jaw. Correcting your bite is one way to maintain TMJ health.


Who doesn’t want an attractive smile? Research shows that a great smile boosts self-esteem and confidence. With straight teeth, you’re more likely to meet new people, go on blind dates, and smile at strangers. People with beautiful smiles are also perceived as happy, friendly, and trustworthy.

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of straight teeth, let’s look at why CoastClear Aligners may be the best choice for you.

What are CoastClear Aligners?

CoastClear Aligners are clear, thin, custom-made orthodontic trays that are often used as a more aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. Unlike braces, CoastClear Aligners are removable, so you can take them out to eat and brush your teeth. There are no wires or brackets so you can still eat all of your favorite foods. Here are some reasons why people choose CoastClear Aligners over traditional braces:

  • More comfortable than braces
  • Less noticeable (almost invisible)
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to brush and floss
  • No irritating brackets or wires

What’s Included with CoastClear Aligners?

After your complimentary initial consultation, if your dentist determines that you’re a good candidate for CoastClear Aligners, here’s what you’ll get:

Oral Examination

Your dentist will do a full examination to check for things like cavities, gum disease, and other potential dental problems that should be addressed prior to orthodontic treatment.

X-Rays and Oral/Facial Panoramic Images

X-rays and panoramic images provide important information that cannot be seen with a visual oral examination, such as the position of tooth roots and the health of your jaw joints.

CoastClear Aligners

You’ll receive a series of custom-made orthodontic trays. Each set of trays is designed to gradually straighten your teeth.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Your dental hygienist will give you instructions on how to keep your mouth healthy and how to care for your new aligners.

InteliSonic Toothbrush

The InteliSonic toothbrush by DentistRx is an electric toothbrush that effectively removes plaque and bacteria using the power of ultrasonic vibrations. With consistent use, it improves overall gum health.

Teeth Whitening

Once your teeth are straight, your smile will get an extra boost from safe, professional teeth whitening.

Will CoastClear Aligners Work for Me?

CoastClear Aligners work best for mild cases and can be used to correct problems such as gaps, crowding, spacing, overbite, and crossbite. Your team of dental professionals will do a thorough examination to determine if you’re a good candidate.

It’s also important to consider your lifestyle when deciding to choose CoastClear Aligners. Will you be compliant and keep your aligners in your mouth 20-22 hours a day? Will you remember to remove them when you eat? Will you be responsible for cleaning your aligners and practicing good oral hygiene? These are things you should discuss with your dentist at your initial consultation.

Key Points

The benefits of a straight smile are more than cosmetic. Straight teeth are important for healthy teeth and gums, digestive health, TMJ health, and improved confidence. CoastClear Aligners are a great option for improving your smile without the inconvenience of traditional braces. Schedule an appointment to find out if CoastClear Aligners will work for you.


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