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Candy Free Treats for this Halloween

At Coast Dental, we know that candy is hard to resist this time of year. Here are 5 mouthwatering recipe ideas for some ghoulishly good Halloween treats that won’t rot your teeth.

No eye of newt or toe of frog needed here. These wickedly easy broomsticks can be conjured up before you can say hogwarts. Simply grab a few cheese slices and cut them in halves. Use kitchen scissors to snip the ends into strips. Next, gently wrap the cheese around the tip of a pretzel stick, secure it in place with a small string of chive, and the kids will be spellbound.


For all the busy mummies, you can have these wrapped up in no time. Take a few stalks of celery, pipe in some cream cheese, and then cut your favorite deli meat into small strips and place them in a crisscross pattern. To complete the look, use bits of raisins or dried cranberries for eyes. Your family will be dying to try them.


Double, double toil and no trouble. How about this healthy treat for your little pumpkins? Just peel some oranges and place a small piece of cut celery in the center for a stalk. These would also make a festive addition to a veggie or cheese tray.


Have a lot of mouths to feed this Halloween? Cut an apple into several slices, spread on some peanut butter to hold the mini marshmallows in place and you’ll be chomping away in no time.


Need a hand with dinner? These disgustingly tasty little snacks will add the perfect amount of ewwww to your meal. Buy a package of mini hotdogs and slice a small section off the top of each one to create the spot where the fingernail will go. Next, carve three slices for knuckle and boil in water per the package instructions. Once they are done cooking, use some thick rectangular pieces of onion for the nails, and a dab of ketchup to hold them in place. Before serving, douse the bottoms in ketchup. Bone appetite!

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