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How Crowns Can Fix Severe Tooth Erosion

Before and After Does your mouth look like this? Teeth grinding and other factors can cause severe erosion, as in the case of this patient. She originally came in because of a toothache. She needed a root canal and periodontal disease treatment, and as she was talking about the condition of her mouth, she asked if there was any way to fix the damage to her top teeth.

“This patient was very unhappy with her smile and the existing condition of her teeth, and I knew we could certainly improve her smile,” said New Smyrna Beach dentist Dr. Gwen Traylor, who has 18 years of experience.

Not only did the patient want a prettier smile, she wanted to be able to eat easily again. Her front teeth had eroded so badly, they no longer meshed with the bottom teeth like they should, and that made biting into food difficult.

It took only two visits to have the teeth prepped and the crowns placed. The transformation in her appearance was instantaneous.

“The ideal treatment for her was all-ceramic crowns because they look very natural. Immediately, they restored her self-confidence and self-image, as well as her bite,” Dr. Traylor said. “She was ecstatic when we were done.”

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General dentist Gwendolyn Traylor, DDS General dentist Gwendolyn Traylor, DDS, treats adults, teenagers and children starting at age 6.  She provides preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services including fillings, extractions, bone grafting, root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, dental implant restorations, laser therapy, oral cancer screenings and teeth whitening. Dr. Traylor also has extensive training and experience in dentures, partials and implant overdentures. Dr. Traylor typically is able to fabricate dentures in three visits using a process that closely duplicates a patient’s existing dentures. In most cases, her office provides same-day denture and partial repairs and relines.  In addition, her office can typically accommodate dental emergencies on the same day. To schedule an appointment, please call Coast Dental New Smyrna Beach at (386) 428-3228.

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