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Preventive Dentistry

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We understand that life gets busy. You may forget to brush your teeth twice a day, or skip flossing. Or it may have been a while since your last dental appointment.

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Unfortunately, dental problems become more painful and more expensive to fix the longer they go untreated. With preventive dentistry, your dentist can catch tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other problems early, and restore your oral health as quickly as possible.

Preventive Dentistry Procedures

Preventive dentistry procedures range from recent technological advances to basic services that have been offered by dentists for decades. These procedures include:

Cleanings: This is where your oral health starts. When you eat or drink something, some of the particles get stuck on and in-between your teeth, causing plaque. Plaque is a sticky film that builds up on your teeth and contains millions of bacteria. If you don’t remove it, the bacteria will turn the sugars in your food into acids, which will eat away at the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities. That’s why regular professional cleanings are so important. Your dental team has specialized tools that can reach areas of your mouth to remove the plaque and tartar that your toothbrush can’t.
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Sealants Dental Sealants: These invisible plastic coatings fill the tiny grooves in children’s back teeth and prevent cavities from forming.
Learn more about dental sealants

Fluoride: This mineral is called nature’s cavity fighter. Flouride remineralizes teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to decay. If you’re not getting enough fluoride from your toothpaste or drinking water, your doctor or hygienist can apply it in the office.
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Mouthguards: Athletic mouthguards are designed to absorb and distribute the forces of impact and minimize injury to your mouth. The best ones are custom-made for you by your dentist.
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Oral Cancer Screenings: Oral cancer is on the rise, and the fastest growing at-risk group is non-smoking adults under the age of 50. Because oral cancer can’t usually be seen with the naked eye until it’s in advanced stages, our dentists offer Identfi, a multi-spectral imaging device that can detect cancer in its earliest and most curable stage.
Learn more about oral cancer

X-rays: Xrays Radiographic, or X-ray, examinations provide your dentist with an important tool that shows the condition of your tooth, its roots, jaw placement, and the overall composition of your facial bones. X-rays can help your dentist determine the presence or degree of periodontal disease, abscesses, and many abnormal growths such as cysts and tumors. X-rays also can show the exact location of impacted teeth, cavities, and other problems that may not be possible to detect through a visual examination.

Your Role in Preventing Dental Disease

We look forward to working with you to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Ask about the right tools and techniques for you to use at home so you can keep your pearly whites looking their best. Effective brushing and flossing go a long way to removing the dental plaque responsible for dental disease, tooth loss, and the need for extensive treatment. Together, we can keep your smile bright for years to come.

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