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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic & Restorative Services

What’s the difference between a bridge, a partial denture and an implant?
What is the best way to whiten my teeth and brighten my smile?
What are veneers?
What is an amalgam filling? What is a composite filling?
Why does my doctor want to replace my filling?
How do I care for my dentures?


Periodontal Disease

The hygienist says smoking has an adverse effect on my oral health. Is this true?
Does periodontal disease cause bad breath?
I have been diagnosed with periodontal disease. Why do I have to come back so often?
Is periodontal disease curable?
Why do I need prescription fluoride instead of regular toothpaste?
Why won’t the free cleaning covered by my insurance be enough to control my periodontal disease?
Why are brushing and flossing so important?
I just found out I’m pregnant. Do I need to change my oral health regimen?
I have diabetes. Why does my dentist care?
I’m diabetic. Why was my hygienist asking me about my A1C levels and blood sugar?


Tooth Brushing

Why should I brush after eating?
Why are brushing and flossing so important?
Will a power toothbrush get my teeth cleaner than a manual toothbrush?
What causes tooth decay?


Dental Insurance

What is the difference between a discount dental plan and dental insurance?


Dentist Credentials

What is the difference between a DDS and DMD?



Why do I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted?
What can be done to make my dental visits more comfortable?
I was told that I need a root canal. What is it and why do I need one?
Why do I need x-rays? Isn’t the radiation from x-rays dangerous?


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