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Do you have hard, bony bumps in your mouth? Don’t panic.

Tori are harmless. They are outgrowths of bone and pretty common. About 20 percent of women have them and about 10 percent of men. Maxillary tori refer to bone protrusions on the roof of the mouth. Mandibular tori mean the bumps are on the bottom of the mouth.

  Mouth Bumps. In some cases, the tori grow so big that they interfere with normal speech. More commonly, they interfere with denture fittings because the dentures won’t sit comfortably on the bumps. In these cases, the person may need to see an oral surgeon to have the tori removed. This is a common type of pre-prosthetic surgery.

It’s not clear what causes tori to form. Some research suggests genetics play a part. Other research shows they may be a result of teeth grinding (bruxism) or stress. In the latter case, a night guard may help.

If you can feel or see bumps in your mouth, come in today.  We’ll monitor the growth of the tori and its impact on the overall health of your mouth.

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