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Our dentists and periodontists take a comprehensive approach to ensuring that your mouth is healthy. We check your teeth, of course, and we also check your gums.

Periodontists are dentists who have two to three years of additional training in treating gum disease, replacing missing teeth with dental implants, and improving smiles through plastic surgery procedures.
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Types of Periodontic Services

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment: Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults over the age of 35. The first stage is gingivitis.
Learn more about periodontal disease

Dental implant placement: If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, the best solution for you may be dental implants. The titanium post mimics the roots of a natural tooth to preserve the jaw bone and the custom-made crown gives your tooth a natural appearance.
Learn more about implants

Bone grafting / ridge augmentation: This common dental surgery rebuilds the alveolar ridge of the jaw, which is the bone that surrounds the roots of teeth. You need that ridge to be a certain height and width to support dental implants or a denture.
Learn more about bone grafting

Crown lengthening: This surgical procedure re-contours the gum tissue and/or bone to allow a tooth to be restored. You may need this if you have fractured a tooth, developed cavities under the gum line, have deep fillings under the gum tissue, or have teeth that are worn down and very short.

Gummy smile surgery: Teeth that are covered by excessive gum tissue look short and unhealthy. The excessive tissue allows food and bacteria to become packed under the gum causing inflammation. Your periodontist may be able to remove the excessive tissue with laser therapy. Most of the time, however, the bone must be remodeled to correct the problem and restore the tooth to the proper length.
Learn more about gummy smile surgery

Extractions: It is necessary to remove a tooth when the decay, damage, or infection is so severe, the tooth can no longer be saved. A tooth may also be removed if it’s blocking other teeth from coming in or to make space for orthodontic treatment.
Learn more about extractions

Pre-prosthetic surgery: If you’re getting a denture, then your natural teeth will be removed and the gum tissue can be built up or repositioned to allow dentures to fit better. Any mouth bumps, called tori, will be removed.
Learn more about dentures
Learn more about tori removal


Soft tissue grafting: If you have exposed tooth roots, your periodontist can take soft tissue from another area of your mouth and use it to cover the exposed area.
Learn more about soft tissue grafting

There are many options to help restore the health of your gums and help you love your smile again. If you’re unhappy with your smile, call us today at 1-800-32-SMILE to schedule an appointment with a Coast Dental Periodontist.

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