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Meet Your Bonita Springs Dentists

 Dr. Brittney Atlas
Dr. Brittney Atlas, Bonita Springs General Dentist
Our dentist is busy creating beautiful and healthy smiles for patients. Stay tuned for a complete bio.

 Dr. David Perez
Dr. David Perez, Bonita Springs General Dentist

In 2009, Dr David Rua-Perez DMD, MDS is a surgical trained Prosthodontist. Graduated summa cum laude from Dental School of Havana, Cuba. On the next 8 years, not only worked as dentist in Cuba, also as a dentist and lab technician in Venezuela. Chasing freedom migrated to US in 2011 completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine at Rutgers School in New Jersey. Having the desire to learn even more and master the artistry of full mouth reconstruction, Dr Rua-Perez then complete a full- time 3 years residency in Advanced Prosthodontics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, an ADA accredited program. Simultaneously he earned his Master of Science in Dentistry Degree involved in research pertaining dental biomaterials. He received extensive training in both the surgical and complex prosthetic aspects of implant therapy such as bone grafting, sinus elevation, computer-guided surgery, hybrids, overdentures and removable partials, complete dentures and management of jaw disorders at University of Tennessee. He served as Chief Resident his final year and taught part-time at the dental school clinic, supervising removable denture and crown procedures.

Dr. Rua-Perez first became interested in dentistry when he was young after spending a lot of time around dentists. He knocked some his front teeth out on an accident. Soon after years of treatment with the best dental specialists he recovered the smile again. This experience set a glowing fire in David to make dentistry as his goal career. Dr Rua-Perez states that his goal is create a space where people can be treated with dignity and kindness, but at the same time provide a high-quality dental care. He sees and treat patients as if there were family, building life-long relationships with them. Dr Rua-Perez looks forward to helping the people of the southwest region in any way he can with their restorative needs.

 Dr. Katrina Sanchelima
Dr. Katrina Sanchelima, Bonita Springs Teledentist
Our dentist is busy creating beautiful and healthy smiles for patients. Stay tuned for a complete bio.

 Dr. Michael Crovatt
Dr. Michael Crovatt, Bonita Springs Teledentist

Michael Crovatt, DMD, treats adults, teenagers and children starting at age 2. He provides preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care including exams, fillings, extractions, crowns, teeth whitening and more. In addition, his team strives to accommodate same-day emergency dental appointments.

Dr. Crovatt earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Washington University School of Dental Medicine in Clearwater, Florida in 1983. He is a member of the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association.

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