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10 Reasons to use MI Paste

MI Paste™ is like vitamins for your teeth.  It provides minerals such as calcium and phosphate that strengthen teeth and protect the enamel.  Plus, it helps you produce more saliva, which is needed to wash away plaque-causing bacteria.

Your dentist may recommend you use MI Paste to:

  1. Reduce teeth sensitivity after whitening
  2. Reduce dental erosion caused by acids from sodas, sport drinks, alcohol and food
  3. Reduce dental erosion caused by acids from gastric reflux
  4. Reduce the risk for tooth decay (cavities)
  5. Prevent ugly white spots from developing around braces
  6. Relieve dry mouth symptoms caused by chemotherapy, smoking, drug use and/or stress
  7. Relieve dry mouth symptoms caused by medications for health problems such as high blood pressure, allergies, heart disease and depression
  8. Protect the teeth of children under the age of 6
  9. Protect the teeth of special needs patients who have trouble brushing
  10. Protect teeth from acids in nausea associated with morning sickness or chemotherapy

MI Paste does not contain fluoride, which is why it’s safe for everyone including pregnant women and children. MI Paste Plus does contain fluoride.  Fluoride is often called nature’s cavity fighter and your dentist may recommend that version if you’re at a higher risk for tooth decay.

You apply each kind of paste the same way.  You use your finger or a custom mouthguard-shaped tray to apply the paste onto each tooth surface once or twice daily, leave it on for up to five minutes, then spit it out.

The minerals in both MI Paste and MI Paste Plus make it difficult for the bacteria in plaque to adhere to the tooth surfaces.  That helps protect the enamel from decay and helps keep your smile healthy and bright!

Reviewed by: Melissa Durbin, RDH
Reviewed by: Cindy Roark, DMD

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