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5 Tips to Keep You Smiling This Holiday Season

Christmas Cookies Cookies and candy canes, hot cocoa and pie, tins filled with fudge and brightly-wrapped sweets.  We love the holidays, even if our waistlines do not.  Unfortunately, the season of snacking can also affect our teeth. Here are five easy ways you can make sure you’re still smiling when January rolls around.

  1. Brush after eating berry pies.  Blueberries, blackberries and cranberries can stain the teeth. Teeth are porous and that’s why dark-colored foods and beverages, including coffee, grape juice and red wine, can stain them.
  2. Eat protein along with your carbs.  When you’re loading up your plate with stuffing and rolls, remember to also add a helping of beans, a handful of nuts, or a few slices of cheese.  Carbohydrates break down into sugar in the body, and sugar plus bacteria form acids which can lead to cavities. Proteins will help counteract the process.
  3. Avoid hard or sticky foods.  Your Uncle Bob might love to give out boxes of taffy, but the sticky candy can stay on your teeth longer, which can increase your risk of cavities.  Also, you could chip a tooth while trying to crack open a chestnut or bite off a piece of the world’s biggest candy cane.
  4. Limit your grazing.  When you eat or drink often during the day, your saliva doesn’t have a chance to wash away the sugar.  If you do find yourself snacking often, make sure you’re drinking a lot of water. That will help flush away the food debris before it can harden into cavity-causing plaque.
  5. Enjoy teeth-friendly foods.  Celery, apples, and carrots all help the mouth produce more saliva, which will wash away bacteria.  Dairy items like cheese and milk combat the acids in the mouth, making those another good choice. Last but not least, you can pop a piece of sugar-free gum into your mouth to help stimulate more saliva and protect your teeth until you have time to floss and brush.

From all of us here at Coast Dental, Happy Holidays!

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