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What to do with all that Halloween candy!

What to do with all that Halloween candy!For most kids, Halloween is a mad dash from house to house to collect as much candy as possible!  When they get home, they dump out their candy bags and check out their haul.  Some kids are very analytical, counting each piece and dividing them into piles of chocolate, lollipops, and other varieties.  Other kids just want to rip off the wrappers and get snacking!
How do you keep your kids from gorging themselves on sugar?  Here’s the advice parents shared on our Coast Dental Facebook page:
  • Talk about the “candy rules” before you go trick-or-treating
  • Establish a set amount of candy they’re allowed to eat that night
  • Have your children separate out the candy they like the most, then take the rest to work
  • Donate candy to soldiers overseas.  Operation Shoebox would love to have your leftovers! You can mail candy care packages to Operation Shoebox, 8360 E. Highway 25, Belleview, FL 34420
  • Put the candy you’re keeping either up high or out of sight and hand it out as a special treat in school lunches, after dinner, and as rewards for good behavior
  • Dust off your “Candy Land” game board and place pieces of candy on the board
Several parents joked that the most effective method of keeping their kids from eating too much candy was to simply eat it themselves.  For tips about making sure you don’t get cavities either, check out our Dentist’s Guide to Halloween – and have fun trick-or-treating!

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