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The Longer You Wait, The Higher The Cost

The number one reason people delay dental care is because of the cost, according to a Consumer Reports survey published in February 2012.

But delaying dental treatment just allows decay and infection to worsen, and the damage becomes more extensive and more expensive to fix.

Here’s a quick look at retail costs of common procedures, based on the 80th percentile of the National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report® for 2012. 

$97 - $1,180

$59 - $2,280

$3,874 - $5,600

 The bottom line is that by brushing and flossing properly and visiting the dentist regularly, you can keep your mouth –and your wallet – in good shape.

For the Original National Dental Advisory Service® (NDAS) Fee Information: Copyright © 2012 Yale Wasserman, DMD Medical Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved.

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