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9 Big Advancements in Dentistry in the Past 25 Years

The practice of dentistry looks completely different today than it did 25 years ago. This list shows 9 big innovations to the dental industry that have helped dentists improve patients’ oral health in incredible ways.

9. Patient Communication: Through e-reminders for appointments and social media outlets, dentists are able to communicate with their patients quicker than ever. Improved communication with patients allows dentists to form stronger relationships with each patient and respond quickly to their needs.


8. Loupes: Loupes are special glasses that have built-in magnification that allows your dentist to see a much bigger image of your mouth. Loupes improve the quality of patient care and make procedures easier and faster.

7. Focus Shift: Dentistry has shifted from a reactive practice to a preventive practice in the last 25 years. While dentists used to focus on reacting to patient problems (such as cracked teeth or cavities), dentists now spend a lot of time on patient education and preventive measures that strengthen the tooth and reduce the number of dental emergencies. Furthermore, dentists now have a much better understanding of periodontal disease. As a result, dentists are now much more proactive about informing their patients about the causes and risks of periodontal disease, how it starts as gingivitis, and how it can be treated.

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6. Teeth Whitening: Improvements to whitening chemicals and methods make whitening your teeth safe, easy, and convenient. Although prescription strength treatments with whitening trays are available, the most effective whitening treatments are performed by a dentist in person.

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5. Power Toothbrushes: Soft-bristle power toothbrushes use oscillating and vibrating heads to remove plaque more effectively than manual toothbrushes. Ask your dentist which power brush will be the most effective for brightening your smile.

4. Practice Management Software: Computerized programs that keep track of patients allow dentists to be more organized. Practice management software streamlines the administrative processes in a practice, which enables dentists to spend more time focusing on their patients’ needs.

3. Composite Restorations: The use of composite fillings has expanded greatly in the last 25 years. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings come in a variety of shades that perfectly match natural teeth and will not crack your teeth.

2. Implant Improvements: Dental implant technology has greatly improved so that it is possible for patients to replace missing teeth with implants faster than ever before. Modern day dental implants capped by a crown, bridge, or denture look exactly like real teeth and are incredibly durable. They also have the highest success rate of any type of surgical implants.


1. Clear Aligners: The invention of clear aligners eliminates any embarrassment that adult patients may feel if they need braces to straighten their smile. Clear aligners can move crooked teeth and close gaps without using metal brackets or wires. Consult with your dentist to see if clear aligners can align your smile.

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